Friday, January 25, 2013

Cover art for my new book!

My novel, The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou, is slated to be released in early March, 2013 by Blue Water Publications.  I was very excited to see the first draft of the cover art last week.  Still a bit of work to be done, but this is essentially how the cover will appear. 

Stay tuned for an official announcement when the book is availible at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This is the blurb that will go on the back cover.  Let me know if this would grab your attention as a potential buyer!

"In the twilight days of slavery, Ephraim Wright suffers the depredations of war along with the white family who reared him.  Raised with the family since he was two years old, he is never once required to call Jonathan Wright, his benevolent owner, "master."  He is stranded between two worlds; that of free whites, and of enslaved blacks.  His life is irreversibly changed when Confederate conscript officers take the family's oldest son at gun point and a bushwhacker gang guns down Jonathan Wright.  The law forbids a slave to touch a firearm, because a “negro with a gun is a nervous thing to white folks.”  But where his family is concerned, Ep is never one to care about what the slave laws say.  By seeking to send men to hell, will Ephraim send himself there as well?"


  1. Hi! I think your art design for your new book cover is great and the intro on the back of cover excellent. Good luck