Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My First Interview As a Fiction Author!

Blogger Chris Rice Cooper interviewed me recently about my book The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou.  It is the first time that I had been interviewed in my new career as a writer.  Chris interviews authors of all types on her blog that reaches thousands each day.  Some are well know, others like me are new to the craft.  I was humbled and gratified that she enjoyed Wattensaw Bayou and took and interest in the story and how I came to write it. 

She has included some illustrations from the book among the photos that she has used in the blog.

My only regret is that she has gotten my illustrator's name incorrect.  It should read Tracy "Scott" Lyndon instead of Tracy "Lyndon" Scott. 

You can read the interview on Chris's blog here:

By the way, the e-book version of The Secret of Wattensaw Bayou will be available soon.  I'll post a notice here when it comes out.  If you prefer to read the old fashion way (like me!) the hard copy is available at Amazon.com and other on-line book sellers.  It is also on the shelves of most Books A Million stores.

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